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Due to changes in service policy of Yahoo BOSS this application does not work anymore.


Enter your phrase and find out how many times it is used in the web pages of the web sites with the following suffixes:

  • All the web
  • .edu web sites
  • .uk web sites
  • .us web sites
  • .ca web sites
  • en.wikipedia.org web site

The idea behind this application is that the probability of the wrong usage of English phrases in web sites with these suffixes is less than that in other websites.

For finding the number of exact matches, please  place your phrase inside double quotations (" ").

Example:  Which one is a better adjective for sky? "pure" or "clean"?    
Test "pure sky" and "clean sky" and see the result!

Any comments or suggestions for improving the application will be highly appreciated. Please use the form below the application to submit your comments.

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      Phrase Checker   10/25/2011 11:57:25 PM
i tried several phrases and all i got was N/A in each category

      Phrase Checker   7/15/2011 10:12:31 AM
cool site Submitted By: rob miller

      Phrase Checker   11/19/2009 9:44:24 PM
tanx buddy for this usefull idea !! Submitted By: sahand

      Phrase Checker   11/16/2009 2:03:43 AM
nice job! Submitted By: Naeem

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